Bango Boost+

Customer and revenue growth happen with Bango data technology

Bango Boost+ is a proven customer and revenue growth program. It is available to anyone connected to the Bango Platform for payments, resale and bundling solutions. By applying AI technology to millions of transactions flowing through the platform, Bango Boost+ delivers insights that enable you to acquire and retain more customers and grow revenue across your business.

Bango Boost+ focuses on growing your revenue in four ways:

Key Benefits

  • Increase the number of paying customers by focusing marketing activity on new users that are most likely to pay for a product or sign-up to a bundled offer
  • Convert users that respond to offers, but do not complete the sign-up process or have not succeeded in making their first payment
  • Re-engage users that have stopped paying or have become inactive
  • Attract direct marketing by third-party merchants, which builds your customer base and increases activity across all users

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