Bango Marketplace is where app marketers go to immediately reach paying users

“Bango helps us partner with operators in key markets. Using payment insights provided by Bango to identify high LTV audiences has delivered Smule a significant increase in acquisition of paying users”

- Matt Mandel, Director Business Development, Smule

Created using purchase information gathered from over $1Bn of in-app payments, Bango Marketplace audiences get you straight to the paying users so you generate revenue faster. Access these audiences directly through your preferred advertising platform, no integration required.

“One IAP user acquired is worth four IAA users”

Only 1 in 20 of your acquired users will spend money in your app. Finding the users that pay is vital to a successful business, getting you to revenue faster.

Bango audiences provide a unique way to reach paying users.

How it works


Select from the audiences of paying users


Run your Facebook campaign using the chosen audience


Reach new paying users and grow your revenues

Example campaign using Bango audiences

Target audience

Users who have made a purchase in the last 12 months


50% discount on premium subscription through Google Play


Ad on Facebook page

Expected outcome

2X increase in conversion from free to paying users

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