Bango Marketplace allows app developers to connect with mobile operators to engage in user acquisition campaigns.

The Bango Platform identifies users who are more likely to pay in-app, to subscribe, and to download – the high LTV users. Bango does this by analyzing customer segments to reveal:

  • Which users can pay
  • What users bought
  • How much they spent
  • How often they buy

Mobile operators use this data to publish campaign offers to app developers registered on the Bango Marketplace. These offers give access to high LTV user segments, reached through a wide range of campaign methods:

  • Display advertising
  • Push notifications
  • SMS notification
  • Bundle or resale
  • In-store promotion
  • Website or social media
  • Facebook advertising

How it works


Find customer segment offers and target your campaign for better ROI


Partner with mobile operators to drive user acquisition


Measure the success and track progress of your campaigns

Developer campaign offer example

Target audience

Users who have made a purchase in the last 12 months


50% discount on premium subscription through Google Play


Ad on Facebook page

Expected outcome

2X increase in conversion from free to paying users

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