Bango provides a powerful platform for developers, merchants and online stores to offer your payment method to their customers. Bango also gives payment providers a second source of revenue, through a share of the advertising spend from app developers and merchants.

Bango works with payment providers to create payment insights. These insights are derived from the payment methods you offer. The Bango Platform provides a secure and privacy-compliant way of working with leading app developers and merchants to increase the value of your payments business by enabling these powerful payment insights to improve marketing effectiveness. Using Bango technology, you can convert information about payments into marketing “audiences” that merchants use to focus their campaigns. Marketing that focuses on characteristics like payment propensity drives more end-user spending and produces more revenue for payment providers.

Securely offer payment insights to app developers and online merchants

Payment providers generate millions of raw data points that can be refined to construct insights into how people spend online. App developers, online stores and merchants can apply these insights to focus offers and promotions on those customers most likely to want to pay for their products and services.

Bango data monetization technology allows payment providers to convert these data points into marketing assets that can be used on Facebook and other leading ad platforms. The Bango technology controls the provision of these audiences so that no data is ever transferred. The app developer requests Bango to apply the information, which focuses their offers on the users likely to be most interested in paying.

Targeting marketing investment where people spend

Bango Audiences help advertisers target their marketing where people spend. As a result, end-users see offers that they are more likely to be interested in purchasing, and the marketers avoid wasted advertising to users who are not interested in spending money on their offers.

Providing a strong commercial focus to app developer and merchant marketing generates more end user spend for payment providers, as well as an additional source of revenue that boosts the value of payment processing for third parties.

Privacy, security and compliance

For the marketing industry to be successful, consumers must have control over how their data is used. Consumer data rights and the responsibilities of companies handling consumer data, are increasingly set out in laws such as the General Data Protection Regulations, and the California Consumer Privacy Act.  

Bango data monetization technology is built around a triple-lock mechanism that ensures (i) consumer privacy is protected at all times, (ii) data is never sold to a third party, (iii) consumer marketing and data preferences are adhered to. This ensures that when payment providers choose to build Bango audiences, it is safe to do so and complies with relevant laws and regulations.

For consumers, relevance and value from targeted marketing based on payment insights leads to better quality offers from developers and merchants that are based on understanding what users are interested in paying for.