Bundling services together to win and retain customers isn’t new. But with the proliferation of OTT streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and BritBox, the market for on-demand TV, streaming music and video, games and other OTT services has become more fragmented.

Today, bundling these services has become essential to capture and retain customer engagement with first-party products and services. Differentiation is hard to achieve and bundled offers need to carefully target consumer interests and budgets.

Bango technology enables you to quickly launch and scale your resale and bundling business to give customers market-leading third-party content and services. Bango helps you deliver the best customer experience and apply unique data insights to maximize the take up of third-party product bundles.

Complete your content offer

There are multiple streaming services today providing a wealth of content. With content becoming exclusive to certain services, customer choice has become customer challenge. Your customer relationships can help. By bundling third party services, you can address this challenge and present a comprehensive content offer without the cost of acquiring content rights.

Deliver a superior customer experience

The number of different services can be complex for customers to manage and quickly add up to a large monthly bill. By consolidating the billing of these services with your own products, everything appears on one bill. This means customers choose, accept and activate the products they want from bundles or packages of third-party services offered through your channels. Customers simplify the engagement experience and manage their services through one payment relationship.

Reduce churn

The more services you can offer, the more committed customers are to your core services. By creating packages and offers around first and third-party services, you will retain customers for longer as they become more connected with your brand.

Reward customers and drive more revenue

Offering discounted or free streaming services for an introductory period is a great way to entice people to move up to the next tariff level and increase the ARPU. Bundling or discounting multiple services is a powerful way of engaging customers to spend that little bit more, for much more value.